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Jared Wilder

I'm Jared. Like many of us, I love the outdoors, and I don't think the US has anything to offer that can really top the National Parks system. I started this website to gather things I've learned, been curious about, purchased, and done relating to the outdoors. Although I've always loved spending time outside, I grew up hundreds of miles from any National Parks, and didn't set foot on one until I was 23. Soon after, I started this website as a place to document what I've learned and experienced. Since then, I've been to nearly a dozen national parks, forests, and recreation areas, getting a little bit more addicted each time. I've hiked, camped, and backpacked on three continents, seen a few bears get a little too close for my cowardly comfort, and definitely overpacked more than once. On this blog, I cover the places I've gone, the trails I've hiked, and the things I've learned along the way. Where relevant, I also share information about products I've used and trust, just like the other half a million bloggers out there. What makes me different is that the product recommendations are secondary for me. I don't write about products I haven't owned or used, and I only give positive reviews to the stuff I trust.