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Do Columbia Shoes Run Big or Small?

As someone with both large and wide feet, I know the struggle of researching a great pair of trail running shoes or hiking boots without ever knowing if they’ll actually fit. Columbia is one of the most popular brands of outdoor wear around, and I come across their shoes all the time. Plus, they’re usually cheaper than other brands like Salomon and Keen.

So, do Columbia shoes run big or small? Let’s find out by taking a look at the two pairs I own: the Charter Oak Mid hiking boots and the Facet 15 hiking shoes!

Do columbia shoes run big or small

Do Columbia Hiking Boots Run Small?

I’m a tall guy with large, wide feet. I sit anywhere between a 12.5 and a 13.5, depending on the type and brand of shoe. A couple of years ago, I bought myself a pair of Columbia Charter Oak hiking boots, which are an older version of Columbia’s current flagship men’s boot, the Redmond III Mid.

Columbia hiking boots on wooden background
These boots are an older generation, but they fit perfectly!

They’re a solid, waterproof hiking boot that I’ve taken on several hikes, from Mt Leconte in Great Smoky Mountain National Park to Sky Pond in the snow at Rocky Mountain National Park last May.

At the store I visited, I had the choice between a 12 wide and a normal 13. I tried both on, and since my feet are only slightly wide, the 13 ended up being the better of the two. After 30+ miles of hiking (I know, still not that much), I can confidently say that these are great hiking boots. They feel wonderful on every part of my foot, with very little soreness or discomfort even after a 13-mile day! So, yes, Columbia hiking boots run small, but not by a large enough degree that it’s caused me any problems.

The Verdict: Columbia Hiking Boots run Slightly Small. They don’t run small, but they aren’t exactly true to size. By going one size up, I got an absolutely perfect fit!

Columbia Hiking/Trail Running Shoes

columbia hiking shoes on a wooden table

Because I was so satisfied with my Columbia hiking boots, I got myself a pair of Facet 15 hiking shoes. Turns out, I loved them even more than the boots! I got a size 12 in these shoes, and the fit was just as good as my size 13 hiking boots. I wear them on short hikes, runs, and they’re even quickly becoming my favorite everyday shoe. So far, I’ve walked/hiked at least 250 miles in them, and while they show some cosmetic wear, they’re still incredibly comfortable!

The Verdict: Columbia Hiking Shoes Run True to Size. They’re a bit wide, but not so much that a normal foot would feel lost inside them. They fit my slightly wide feet perfectly, without having to go up a size!

What Size Columbia Shoes Should I Get?

do columbia boots run small

Columbia doesn’t have half sizes past 11.5, so it’s important that you know exactly how they are going to fit your feet. If you have very narrow feet, you should be fine in your normal size when it comes to hiking boots. However, if you have average or wide feet, I’d recommend going a half size up with hiking boots.

If you get Columbia shoes, though, you can stick with your actual size and trust that they’ll fit!

The Bottom Line: Columbia Shoes and Boots

Generally, Columbia shoes run exactly true to size, even if you have slightly wide feet. They don’t run big, and only the hiking boots tend to run a tiny bit small.I’ve seen people bash these boots in the past, and I get that if you’re a mountaineer or thru-hiker. They’re just not made for 20K peaks or 3,000-mile hikes. For us average hikers and backpackers, however, I see nothing to stop me from giving my full endorsement of Columbia hiking boots and shoes- they fit, they’re comfortable, and they’re affordable!

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