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How Much Does an Amtrak Roomette Cost? Prices for 2024 (Updated January 21)

Amtrak sleeper cars are awesome. Covered meals, showers, and a bed to sleep on make cross-country traveling way easier. But, with those luxuries comes an added cost; in fact, Amtrak’s smallest sleeper cabin, the roomette, is usually more expensive than flying first-class. And, with all that new federal money coming in the next few years, we are going to be seeing new trains, new routes, and tons of renewed interest in traveling by rail.

So, how much does an Amtrak roomette cost?

Update January 21: It’s been a while since I was last able to update this post, but now that the holidays are over, it’s time to see how things are looking this year. The prices shown below were updated to ensure they are accurate for trips for late winter and early spring 2024. Most routes are getting more expensive, a sign that we’re approaching the peak travel season. I’ll continue to update this article as often as I can to make sure you get an accurate sense of pricing every time.

Quick Answer: What’s the Average Cost of a Roomette?

Amtrak roomettes are on the pricey side, averaging $1,400-$2,000 for two round-trip tickets between major US cities. Longer rides, like cross-country trips, can cost more than $2,500 per round-trip ticket. But, since you’re paying for travel, lodging, and food at once, the costs are easier to justify.

What is Included in an Amtrak Roomette: Features and Benefits, Explained

Okay, so we’ve established that the roomette is one of the most expensive ways to ride Amtrak, which is already pretty darn expensive. So, what do you get for all that cash? Let’s break down what is included in the cost of an Amtrak roomette ticket:

Amtrak trains against a blue sky

The Roomette

Interior view of Amtrak roomette
This is what it’ll look like when you’re sitting – a bit cramped, but definitely better than coach!

The main thing you get? The roomette! It’s not big – I’d guess it’s about 36 square feet, max – but it’s more than enough room for two people to stretch out, relax, and get some sleep. 

The roomette includes: 

  • Two seats, about the size of an airplane business/first-class seat
  • Two beds
    • One bed drops down from the ceiling, another formed by sliding the seats together
    • The beds include a mattress and sheets, and they’re slightly narrower than a Twin
  • Storage for your luggage
  • Access to a shared bathroom, reserved for sleeper car passengers
  • Large window
  • Private lighting – you decide when it’s lights out
Bunk beds on Amtrak sleeper car
Me, peeking down at the sunrise from the top bunk of my Amtrak roomette

The Food

Dining car on Amtrak Empire Builder
The dining car – great, food, better views!

Every sleeper car passenger gets 3 square meals – and some snacks – included in the price of their ticket. If you’re on the train during meal times, the meal is covered.

You’ll have two choices for dining: traditional dining in the dining car or flexible dining, a service where meals are brought directly to your room. 

The menu available to Amtrak sleeper car passengers is surprisingly good. Each meal includes an appetizer, entree, dessert, and beverage. The breakfast menu is a bit smaller, more like a continental breakfast at a hotel, but it’s tasty. 

Lunches are filling and taste fresh, too. Dinner is where it gets special. Every time you’re on the train for dinner, you’ll be treated to a full 3-course meal, and your first alcoholic beverage is free. 

One night, on the way from Chicago to Seattle, I had the following: 

  • Salmon over rice pilaf
  • Carrot cake
  • Chardonnay
  • Bread on the side
Three course meal on Amtrak
Dinner for my wife and I on our way to Seattle aboard Amtrak’s Empire Builder

You can expect meals like that, and more, when you’re riding in an Amtrak sleeper car!

Here’s what lunch looks like:

Lunch Amtrak sleeper car
Lunch was a bit more understated, but still delicious

And, finally, breakfast:

how much does an amtrak roomette cost
Breakfast was by far the simplest meal on the trip, but tasty and filling nonetheless.

Coach and Business Passengers Don’t Eat Free

Riding in coach or business classes is fun, too, but it’s not just the bed you’re missing out on. When you ride in coach or business class, you’ll have to bring all of your own food or pay out of pocket at the cafe car. You can’t even sign up for or pay for a meal in the dining car; the dining car is for sleeper passengers only, no exceptions.

The Perks

Amtrak train in southern california

A private room and included meals aren’t the only thing you have to look forward to, however. Here’s the rest of the stuff you get when you’re in the sleeper car:

  • Private(ish) Bathrooms: Roomette passengers don’t get their own bathroom, but they do have access to shared bathrooms reserved for other sleeper car passengers. So, you’re still going to have to share with a few others, but that’s way better than two-to-three-dozen others!
  • Shower Access: Being able to shower on a trip thousands of miles long? To me, that feels more like a necessity than a perk!
  • Car Attendant: Each sleeper car has a dedicated attendant, there to assist you with anything you might need – including hot coffee ‘round the clock.
  • Turndown Service: They aren’t going to put a mint on your pillow, but it’s way easier to get your bed set up and torn down with help from a professional.
  • Free Drinks and Snacks: Any time you’re feeling thirsty or peckish (before 10 PM), head down to the cafe car and get yourself a drink and snack – free of charge for sleeper car passengers.
  • Access to Amtrak Lounges: Certain Amtrak stations have private lounges with couches, wifi, and snacks that sleeper car passengers can use. 
  • Wi-FI: This isn’t a sleeper cabin-only perk, but it’s worth mentioning that the majority of Amtrak trains offer Wi-Fi. It’s not a huge deal, but it is something that airlines don’t have.

Amtrak Roomette Price Breakdown: 22 Common Trips (Prices updated October 2023)

Viewing car on amtrak empire builder
The view of Glacier National Park from the viewing car on Amtrak’s Empire Builder route.

The current average price for a long-distance, round-trip ticket in a roomette, for two people, is $1,852. That’s down about $150, or -8%, from fall prices.

Each month, I spend several hours on the Amtrak website, checking prices for various two-person roomette trips, using various popular cities and trips to make sure I got a decent sample. Below, you’ll see round trip prices between many US cities, with prices shown for: 

  • Two people, 
  • Riding in a roomette, 
  • With travel dates that are roughly two months out. Two months is a good “minimum lead-out” to make sure you’re getting a decent price and not subject to price increases as tickets start to sell out.
  • I’ve also included notes on how prices have changed since the last update, exactly one month ago.

East Coast

  • NYC to Orlando (44 hours): $1,570 (18% cheaper than October)
  • NYC to Chicago (39 hours): $1,468 (3% more expensive)
  • NYC to Los Angeles (136 hours): $3,924 ( no change)
  • NYC to Denver (89 hours): $3,063 (13% more expensive)
  • Washington, D.C. to Chicago (34 hours): $1,298 (2% cheaper)

Average price change from October 2023 to January 2024: Mostly Unchanged (-1%)

West Coast

  • San Diego to Seattle (80 hours): $2,221 (22% more expensive)
  • Los Angeles to Portland (60 hours): $1,973 (21% more expensive)
  • Los Angeles to Chicago (85 hours): $2,636 (2% cheaper)
  • Seattle to Chicago (90 hours): $2,560 (22% more expensive)

Average price change from October: More Expensive (+16%)

Mountain States

  • Denver to Chicago (36 hours): $1,678 (28% more expensive)
  • Denver to NYC (84 hours): $2,976 (6% more expensive)
  • Albuquerque to St Louis (50 hours) $1,910 (2% more expensive)
  • Salt Lake City to Chicago (68 hours): $2,296 (36% more expensive)

Average price change from October: More Expensive (+18%)


  • Chicago to New Orleans (40 hours): $1,109 (12% more expensive)
  • Cleveland to NYC (25 hours): $954 (1% cheaper)
  • Pittsburgh to Chicago (20 hours): $890 (3% more expensive)
  • Cincinnati to Portland, ME (70 hours): $1,467 (1% more expensive)

Average price change from October: Somewhat more expensive (+4%)


  • New Orleans to San Diego (100 hours): $4,447 (38% more expensive)
  • Dallas to Chicago (48 hours): $1,426 (no price change)
  • New Orleans to Washington, D.C. (56 hours): $1,550 (6% more expensive)
  • Tampa to Washington, D.C. (44 hours): $1,708 (9% more expensive)

Average price change from October: More expensive (+13%)

Roomette Price Changes from Last Update (October 2023 to January 2024)

When I first published this article in April 2022, the prices I got for all of these trips were cheaper than they are today. Prices rose in Summer 2023, fell a bit to end the year, and are on the way back up so far in 2024. The closer we get to summer travel, the more expensive tickets are going to get. If you’re planning an Amtrak trip for the spring, I suggest getting something in April or May before prices really start to rise in June.

As a whole, Amtrak roomette tickets are currently 10% more expensive than they were in fall of 2023, which makes sense given the time of year. For this update, I was looking at travel dates in early March.

Amtrak Sleeper Car Discounts: Do Seniors, Active Duty/Veterans, or Anyone Else Get Cheaper Tickets?

Seeing those ticket prices isn’t always easy – especially when gasoline is already hitting $5 a gallon. So, does Amtrak have any discounted fares for different groups of people, say, Seniors or Active Duty military and Veterans?

Amtrak’s Senior Discount gives those 65 and older a 10% discount on most fares, but not for sleeper car tickets. If your route includes a segment where sleeper accommodations aren’t offered, you can use the 10% discount for that segment, but not the rest of the journey.

Amtrak’s Military, Veteran, and Military Child discounts also deliver a 10% price cut on most fares… except for the sleeper car, according to their website. However, Military travelers do get to board the train before other passengers no matter what, which is a nice perk.

You can find details for each military-related discount here:

Amtrak’s Student Discount gives students between age 17 and 24 a 15% discount on most coach and business fares. As with the other discounts, sleeper car tickets do not apply.

Amtrak Sleeper Car: Do I Need a Roomette, Bedroom, or Family Bedroom?

If you’re going to be on an Amtrak train overnight and you have a bit of extra money, you 100% need to be in the sleeper car. There’s no doubt about that – having a private room, food, and all the perks of an Amtrak sleeper car ticket make the price more than worth it. 

That said, the Bedroom and Family Bedroom options on Amtrak trains are way out of my price range. You get extra space, and it’s way cheaper when you’re splitting the cost 2-4 ways, but the Bedroom and Family Bedroom are still crazy expensive. 

If you think you (and a partner/friend) can comfortably fit in a Roomette, get the roomette. The perks are the same and you’ll save hundreds. But, that leads us to the real question at hand:

How Big is an Amtrak Roomette, and Will I Be Comfortable In It?

Inside amtrak roomette
A lot roomier than you’d expect!

This is probably the thing that most people think of first. Like plane seats, trains are built to be as compact as possible to increase profitability. So, naturally, when you think about a sleeper car, you think to yourself, “Will I actually fit in this thing?”

I’m 6 foot 5, and I was pushing 300 pounds when I took a trip from Cincinnati to Seattle in an Amtrak roomette. I shared it with my wife, who is normal-sized. We each took one bunk; even two very small people would find it tough to sleep side by side on one bunk alone.

Here’s what the bunk looks like when you’re in it:

Sleeping on amtrak trains

That’s where we were for our 60-hour-plus journey. And… we were fine! It wasn’t as roomy as a hotel, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as sitting in an airplane for 17 hours – which I’ve done a few times and would go out of my way to avoid having to do again. 

Statistically speaking, most people on earth don’t take up as much space as I do. So, unless you’re taking up more space, I think you’ll be more than happy in an Amtrak roomette!

Amtrak price tracking methodology

Each month, I gather prices for more than 20 different Amtrak trips to get a sense of how prices are trending overall. The trips are separated into five regions – Midwest, South, Northeast, West Coast, and Mountain States, and I track 4-5 trips in each region.

The routes were hand selected by me, to give a good representation of most routes where purchasing a Roomette would make sense – specifically, routes between major US cities that take at least 24 hours. Roughly 60% of the routes are direct, meaning there are no layovers or train changes, while the rest are two-segment journeys; this is also intentional, to reflect the reality behind many overnight trips where it would make sense to book a roomette.

I keep each month’s prices in a spreadsheet and use the historical data to compare current prices with past ones. When a certain route is listed as “more expensive”, it means the price has gone up since the previous month, although it still may be cheaper than other times of the year.

You can use these prices to get a sense of pricing trends, as well as what prices would look like in your region of the country. While you may be embarking from a different station, the prices will be roughly similar to what you see in the tracker, because Amtrak prices don’t change too much when you embark from a nearby station. For example, getting onboard in Chicago isn’t too different from getting onboard in Naperville in terms of prices. Furthermore, regional price changes and trends should be reflected no matter what specific stations you book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Amtrak Roomettes priced per person?

Sort of. Amtrak’s roomette can be used by one or two people, and pricing is slightly different based on whether or not you’re booking for one or two people. It’s slightly cheaper to have just one person in the roomette, because you are only being charged for one person’s food and other accommodations. When you add a second person to the roomette, there is an additional charge that covers the second person’s food, snacks, etc.

Do Amtrak Roomettes include meals?

Yes! While onboard an Amtrak train with any sleeper car ticket, you get three full meals per day (and a free alcoholic beverage with dinner). In addition, sleeper car passengers get unlimited water, coffee, and some snacks. Additional snacks are available for purchase in the cafe car.

Do Amtrak Roomettes have showers?

Roomette passengers have access to a shared shower area in the sleeper car, but there are no roomettes that include a private shower. If you’d like to have a shower all to yourself, you need to upgrade to a Bedroom or Family Bedroom ticket.

How much do you tip an Amtrak sleeper car attendant?

The minimum tipping formula I would start with is $10, per person, per night. Two people on an overnight trip would be $20; on a two-night trip, it would be $40. If you can afford to tip more, consider doing so. On my first roomette trip, a $20 tip was all I could manage, so there’s no pressure to be a flashy tipper if you’re strapped for cash.

Do all roomettes have toilets?

Nope! Only some roomettes have a private toilet/sink. For example, on the Empire Builder, which connects Seattle and Chicago, there are no in-cabin toilets or sinks for roomettes. On other trains, though, roomette cabins do include a toilet and a small sink to wash up in.

Note: In the past, I spent a lot of time responding to dozens of comments, but I can no longer keep up with the amount of requests coming in. I suggest using Amtrak’s trip planner to get exact prices for different routes and dates, or calling Amtrak Customer Service at 1-800-872-7245 for real-time pricing and booking assistance.

81 thoughts on “How Much Does an Amtrak Roomette Cost? Prices for 2024 (Updated January 21)”

  1. the prices showen are for 2 people are the prices for one person half the 2 person price

    1. Prices for sleeper cars are a bit different than coach/business fares, and the way Amtrak prices sleeper car tickets is similar to that of hotels. It seems that, for the most part, Amtrak charges sleeper tickets differently based on how many people are occupying the cabin.

      For example, one person in a roomette will have a slightly lower price than two people in a roomete. I suspect this has more to do with food costs than anything else; one-person tickets are $100 cheaper or so, probably because there’s one less mouth to feed.

        1. Hi Layne, I did a little checking and it looks like there are two different trains that can take you from CLT to DC, the Crescent and the Carolinian, and only one of them has a sleeper car.

          The Crescent has sleeping car accommodations, while the Carolinian doesn’t. You may have also checked on a day when only the Carolinian was running, or on a day when all the sleeping car tickets on the Crescent were all sold out. Hope this helps!

    2. I am thinking of doing a roomette on the Southwest Cheif from Los angels to boston. I’m 76 yrs old, do you offer a senior discount?

      1. Hi Regina! Amtrak does offer a 10% discount for seniors, but that discount unfortunately does not apply to sleeper car accommodations. You may have some luck calling Amtrak and asking if there are any special discounts not listed on their website at 1 (800) 872-7245, but your luck may vary.

      1. Hi Donald, looks like a roomette for one person would cost $457, and a second person in the same room ups the price to $617.
        Round-tickets would be $890 and $1,234, respectively. Those prices might change depending on your travel date and when you book, but that should give you a good idea of your travel cost!

    3. Modernize, let’s do high-speed rail so we can get coast to coast without the need for a sleeper car.

      1. Hello. I’m a disabled male traveling one way to North port Florida. I’m 6ft 7 360lbs. Would a roommette be comfortable and could I bring my wheel chair on? Price for one way with the roomette from Philadelphia to north port florida please

        1. Hi Stephen thanks for your question!

          That trip, in a roomette, should cost about $475 depending on your exact travel date. There isn’t an Amtrak train station that goes directly to North Port, so the final leg of the trip, from Orlando to North Port or Port Charlotte, would be on a chartered bus. It’s a five-hour bus ride, according to Amtrak’s site, and they say that wheelchairs are accommodated, but I’d call Amtrak Customer service just to be safe at 1 (800) 872-7245

          The roomette should be more than big enough for you. I’m 6’5″ and was close to 300 pounds when I was on my last trip, and the space felt pretty roomy for me. For you, it might be a little tighter, but you won’t be so cramped that you’re absolutely miserable. That said, you could upgrade to an Amtrak Bedroom which has more room, a private toilet/sink, and costs $1,200 for your journey. Big price hike, but the option does exist.

          As far as your wheelchair, I can’t say specifically what accommodations Amtrak would have on this train, though I do know that they will be able to do something. When you book your ticket, Amtrak gives you a checkbox option that says “Passenger with disability or assistance needed?”. When you check that box, you’ll be taken to a small form that lets you fill out your information, including the type of wheelchair, whether or not you need assistance at the stations, etc. Again, here, my experience is limited, so calling customer service is the best way to get specific answers about this train and route.

          Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Sandra, the price estimate I got for this trip was actually pretty simple, at least by Amtrak standards: a total of $521 each way! That’s the quoted price for early September; you may save a little or spend a little more depending on when your trip is taking place.

    4. How much is a round trip ticket from Kansas City To San Francisco in a sleeping room for one person?

      1. Hey Heike, that journey should cost you about $1,820. There are a couple of short connections between Los Angeles and San Fran where the sleeper car is not available, but between KC and LA you would have a roomette to yourself. The segments which are coach-only will only take up 2-3 hours each way, so more than 90% of your trip will be in the roomette!

        That price comes from travel dates in early September; your actual cost might increase or decrease a couple hundred bucks depending on when your journey starts.

      1. Hi Karl, the first leg (Elko to Chicago in a roomette) would cost roughly $890 for one person, and $1080 for two people

        The second leg (Chicago to Pittsburgh in coach) would be $74 per person.

        Those prices are for a one-way trip; sometimes the return trip carries a slightly different price, but it should still be roughly double that for a round-trip journey!

        Those are for travel dates in the first week of September (I usually get estimates that are 3 months out to get a sense of the “normal” price).

    5. Any discounts for a disabled person using a Walker/Wheelchair combo who can not sleep in a seat? Traveling w/an attendant? With a dog?

      1. Hi Lea, while I can’t answer every aspect of your question, I do know that Amtrak offers a similar discount for passengers with disabilities and their companions. I’d recommend calling Amtrak Customer Service at 1 (800) 872-7245 to get the most accurate and up-to-date answers! So far, my experience has been that they are extremely accommodating, but I would definitely get in touch with them as you make your plans.


      1. Hi Ramesh, I think the best course of action for you would be to call amtrak customer service at 1 (800) 872-7245. They will be able to provide you with the most accurate information possible, as your query is a bit outside my realm of expertise. Wishing you luck and safe travels!

      1. Hi Cynthia, for that trip it’s looking like roughly $1,750 total on the way to New Mexico, and roughly $1,850 to go back. You may get a slightly different quote depending on your dates of travel, but those rough estimates should hold up. Happy trails!

    7. My father is 96 and goes to the br 4-6 times during the night. We want to take him from Houston to El Paso to visit his brother, and need a room that sleeps three adults AND has a br in the room, not the car. The schedule says most of the trip is at night. He must have a lower bunk but the other two can climb. What is our best option and what would it likely cost?

      1. Hi Joanne! Thanks for your question.

        The best room choice for your trip is the Bedroom; it has a private bathroom right inside the cabin and is the only suitable option on the train between Houston and El Paso. It only sleeps two, so you’d either have to purchase a second bedroom, a roomette, or a Coach ticket for the third person and take shifts.

        The cost of having two people in a Bedroom is between $900-1000 each way. Kind of steep, but you’re paying for travel, accomodation, and meals all at once. For the third person in your party, a Coach ticket costs about $90 each way, while a Roomette costs $650.

    8. Hey you have a great site here, and are very nice. I am thinking of a one way Roomette trip from San Francisco Bay Area to Washington DC. Is a stop in Chicago the best route, cost wise?

      1. Hey David, thanks for the question! Personally, I would stop in Chicago rather than anywhere else; Chicago’s Amtrak station is very nice and located in the heart of downtown. It’s a perfect layover.

        If you took that route, going SF-Chi-DC, it would cost about $1150. You’d board at the Oakland or Emeryville stations, and take the California Zephyr to Chicago. You’d likely arrive in Chicago at about 3PM and the next train, the Cardinal Limited to DC, would leave at 6:30 PM the same day (or the next day if you wanted an overnight).

      1. Hi Penny! Thanks for your question. Looks like you should be able to take the Texas Eagle train from Little Rock to Los Angeles. It takes about 52 hours and will cost roughly $825 for two people.

        The Texas Eagle makes a couple of other stops in Arkansas; there are stations in Hope, Arkadelphia, Malvern and Walnut Ridge. There are also stations in Texarkana and Memphis. Depending on when you start your journey and which station you board from, the price can change a little bit, but that estimate should be accurate enough to help you plan!

    9. Hi I am trying to get to Chicago from Atlanta Georgia. Can you please tell me how much it would cost for a one way ticket in a roomette. Thank you so much.

    10. Hi!
      How much would a roomers for one be taking a small car from Virginia to Florida Jacksonville round trip in sept?

      1. Hey Tim! Looks like the Auto Train only stops in the Orlando area; Amtrak’s travel planning map and tool only shows two stations: one in VA and one in FL. You may have already known that, but I wanted to mention it because I had no idea until recently!

        The roomette on a round-trip Auto Train ride in September is roughly $975. You may save a few bucks, or spend a few more, depending on the exact dates you’re traveling. Thanks for the question, and enjoy your trip!

    11. I would like to travel for a round trip from St Paul to Seattle, in a roomette, in October, so one traveler only. I can’t find the cost online. Reluctant to call Amtrak until I have some idea of cost. Can you give me an idea?

      1. Hi Audrey, thanks for your question! For a one person ticket, round trip in a roomette, from Oct 17-24, the total price is $1461 plus tax. If you choose different days in october, there might be a slight difference in the price, but that should be very close to what you’ll end up paying. Enjoy your trip, the Empire Builder (the route you’ll be on) is incredible!

    12. Hi, I want to travel round-trip from Emeryville CA to Tucson AZ in a Roomette. One senior (I know, no discount) travel in Jan or Feb 2023. Do you have an estimate of the cost? Also what would tip for porter be, flat or percent of Roomette fee?

      1. Hi Barry, thanks for your question!

        A ticket in February 2023, round-trip in a roomette, should cost about $860. Of course, depending on your exact travel date, that may change, but typically ticket prices are stable from one week to the next!

    13. Hi my husband and I are going to Vermont from GA late September . I am handicapped with a wheelchair..we both us the BR a couple times a night . Any suggestions/ cost estimate for 2? We want to travel to Burlington, Vermont and back to the North Georgia Mountains

      1. Hi there! This trip is possible, even with a wheelchair, but it is a little more complex than other trips just because of the transfers. First, you’ll take the Crescent train to DC; you can board in Atlanta, Gainesville GA, Toccoa, or Clemson SC.

        From there, you’ll take the Northeast Regional from DC to New Haven CT, and finally, the Vermonter train from New Haven to Essex Junction, a station just outside of Burlington proper. You can rent a car from the station, or take a bus into Burlington itself (you can even book the bus ticket on Amtrak’s website all at once).

        Two notes before we get to the price: 1)The Vermonter train doesn’t have a sleeper car, so you’ll be in either coach or Business class; both options have accessible seats and space, and 2)The DC->New Haven leg of the trip is only about 4 hours long, so there’s no sleeper option, either.

        Total prices, round trip for two people, are looking like $1,650 for a late September trip. You can book the tickets online yourself, but I’d recommend calling Amtrak to make sure they give you the accommodations you need and answer any questions you have about accessibility. The ticket price may change a bit, so treat $1,650 as an estimate!

        Hope you have a great trip!

    14. Hi, what is the price for a roommate with a single person traveling round-trip from Penn Station NY to Charlotte NC?

      1. Hi there! This trip should cost about $700 total, but the actual ticket price may vary depending on your travel days. I looked up the price using mid-October travel dates, and the quoted price was $698. Enjoy your trip!

    15. Please tell me the cheapest roomette from Dallas, Texas to LaPine, Oregon for round trip. I am a Senior Citizen and a Veteran and must use a walker. Are rates cheaper on certain days or time of day trip is booked? Thank you, Freddy

      1. Hi Freddy, that journey should cost you roughly $2,750 round-trip. Ticket prices do fluctuate, but from what I’ve observed the prices are mostly stable, unless it’s a peak travel time (holidays, etc) or the train is nearly full. The trains you’d be taking likely won’t fill up as quickly as the East Coast trains, so my hope is you won’t have to worry too much about price fluctuations!

    16. Great article, and kudos to you for all of your replies to various questions! A few questions of my own —

      1. What are the cheapest months to travel long distance on Amtrak?

      2. I know the books “Zephyr” by Henry Kisor, and “Stranger on a Train” by Jenny Diski. Do you know of any other books dealing with train travel in America?

      3. Any websites you know of that would be useful in planning a mega-mileage train odyssey here in the States?

      Thanks in advance!

      1. Hey Joe, thanks for those thoughtful questions!

        1. The cheapest months seem to be November, December, and January – but that’s not a guarantee as I can only dig so deep from the outside. But, in general, it looks like fares for cross-country rides are lower in the winter months. It also helps to book 4-6 months ahead of time since prices always go up in the 90 days preceding a trip. For example, I once booked a trip 3 months ahead of time, but had to delay it by another 3 months, and I wound up saving almost $400 even though the new travel dates were in the busiest season (August-October).

        2. Outside of those two books, I’m not really familiar with any others! That’s one of the knowledge gaps I hope to close soon, though, as Zephyr is up next on my reading list. From a quick search, it looks like John Pitt’s America by Rail and All Aboard! by Jim Loomis are popular practical guides, but I don’t personally know much about them.

        3. The best place to start is with Amtrak’s Travel Planning map – it’s an interactive map that helps you plan out trips by selecting all the places you’d like to stop and then generating an itinerary. It doesn’t work perfectly – sometimes it won’t generate an itinerary that’s too complex – but it does have a wealth of information and it is the best way to visualize and plan a complex trip. It’s my favorite resource by far!

      1. Hi Susan! This trip would take place in two stages: A trip from Birmingham to New Orleans (about 9 hours, during the day and arriving just after 9 PM) and then from New Orleans to Chicago the next day, leaving at about 1:30 PM and arriving around 9 AM the following day.

        That trip, one-way for one person in a roomette, should cost about $525, and you can save $150-ish by choosing coach for the first stage of the trip (sometimes, it’s better to do that if the first stage of a trip is short enough).

    17. Inquiring about cost to travel round trip to Portland Oregon from Denver and taking the train via the coast to Portland. Two seniors requesting roomette. Can we include one to two night layovers in more than one town? Can we take different routes through Oregon (1 coast & 1 inland) for travel to Portland and return trip to Denver? Planning trip in September 2022 with a one to row week stay in Portland. Thank you.

      1. Hi there! The best way to get accurate answers to your questions will be to call Amtrak at 1 (800) 872-7245. However, I’ll try and give the best answers I can:
        – The round-trip cost for that journey, in a Roomette with two people, should be about $2,900.
        – You’ll be taking two trains: the California Zephyr and Coast Starlight. This means you will be able to book each leg separately and include a layover in between.
        – As far as I’m aware, it’s not possible to book layovers any other way. But, Amtrak’s reservation number will be able to give you the real answer.
        – There is only one route through Oregon that would take you to Denver and back. The only way to include another route would be to go from Portland to Chicago, and then back to Denver. Unfortunately, that’s the limitations of Amtrak’s routes. You can take a look at Amtrak’s Travel Planning Map to learn more.

        Hopefully this helps you in the right direction; I hope you enjoy your trip!

    18. What is the route(s) from Nashville, TN to Phoenix (Maricopa), Az?
      What is the cost roundtrip for 2 people in a roomette?

      1. Hi Lori!

        Nashville doesn’t have an Amtrak station (I live in a similar city that also lacks one, so I feel the frustration!), which means your options are either to take a Greyhound to a nearby station, fly, or drive. If you do drive, most every station has parking, and some of them are free.

        The best cities to start in are:
        – Atlanta, leaving at 9 AM and paying about $3,000.
        – Birmingham, leaving at 1 PM. For that trip, the estimate is $2,850.
        – Memphis, leaving at 7 AM (with an overnight layover in New Orleans). For that trip, you’d be paying roughly $2,900.

        I used dates in late October/early November to get estimates, and there are slight fluctuations depending on how many tickets are left on a given day.

        Hope this helps, and enjoy your journey!

    19. I am looking for prices from Clearwater, St Pete, or Tampa FL to Detroit Michigan round trip. Leaving out the first week in August and returning by the end of the month or the first week in September. But I went on the site and it said there are no routes. How much would it be for a Roomette for 1 adult? And do they have anything else besides a roomette ? Or something else without a bed?

      1. Hi Arleen, because of amtrak’s current routes, going from FL to Detroit is a bit convoluted, which is why the site likely couldn’t find a way to get you there all on one booking. You’ll likely have to book each leg separately, as follows:

        1. Clearwater/St Pete/Tampa to Washington DC
        2. Washington DC to Chicago
        3. Chicago to Detroit

        The total round-trip for this journey is looking like $2,300, but booking for early August may be more expensive.

    20. Amtrak roomette roundtrip Birmingham to New York City. Estimate to upgrade from roomette to bedroom? Though maybe we don’t need to since reading about your trip in a roomette with your wife. You have calmed some of my fears. Thank you! Also, Amtrak needs to refer questions on their website to you. ha! Thanks for so much good info.

      1. Thanks! I’m doing my best to answer questions since Amtrak booking can kind of feel like a mystery!

        The price for a roundtrip, with two people, from Birmingham to NYC will be roughly $1,500, again depending on exact travel dates, how full the train is when you book, etc.

        To upgrade to a bedroom, the cost rises to $2,600 roundtrip. You get a little bit more space in your cabin, as well as a private toilet and shower, but unless you really, really want that toilet and shower, it’s probably not worth the upgrade. The extra room probably won’t make a difference that’s worth a full grand!

        Hope this helps!

    21. Hi, I am traveling from WAS – CIN with two children. I’d love some help figuring out the best option and cost for the sleeper cars. We are traveling from New Zealand and unable to get through to Customer Service because the wait is so long and there is no international call back! Thank you for your help!(Traveling October 5.)

      1. Hi Trish!

        Thanks for your question. On that train, the Cardinal Limited, you’ll have two sleeper car options: the Roomette and the Bedroom. The problem here is that the maximum number of people allowed in both of these options is two. Family Bedrooms accommodate more, but there is no family bedroom option on this route.

        This means you’ll probably have two book either two roomettes (total cost one-way is $907), or a coach ticket and a bedroom.

        If you choose the latter, you should be able to sit with both children in the bedroom cabin, as there is seating space for three, but you’d have to return to coach to sleep. For most people, and most children (especially young ones), that’s not a tenable situation. If you feel your children will be okay through the night in a roomette with you nearby, then it would work. The cost for that arrangement is roughly $500.

    22. I am hoping to travel Los Angeles to Tacoma, WA. How much would a roomette be for 2 adults? I would prefer a handicap accessible, as my traveling companion isn’t in the best shape. I could get a doctor’s note. How much more expensive is the handicap, and how difficult is it to book?

      1. Hi Luanne, a roomette for that trip should cost $1,400 each way! As for the handicap accesible options, I would recommend calling Amtrak Customer Service at 1 (800) 872-7245. They have all the insider knowledge, and I wouldn’t want to steer you wrong!

    23. How much would a room eye be one-way from Chicago to Sandpoint Idaho? I want to see the scenery going out and then fly home. Thanks

    24. Interesting article, way more informative than Amtrak’s site! I’ve traveled in a roomette a couple times in the past, most recently about 14 years ago. At that time the roomette had a metal toilet next to the seat, with a metal sink that folded down on top of it. Sounds like that’s no longer the case?

      1. As far as I can tell, the in-room toilet is still in the roommette on some sleeper cars, but not all of them. Personally, I don’t know if I’d enjoy having that little toilet! Wouldn’t want to make a mess… lol

    25. What are the prices for a roomette and sleeper for a round trip from Jackson Ms to San Diego Ca

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